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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the crafting of words for a variety of print and digital content. From news stories to website copy, from sales brochures to entertaining staff biographies, a copywriter’s skill will help you sell your business, product, service or cause to your key audience. 


Why can’t I do it myself?

Oh, but you can. However, knowing what to write and how to write it for your audience is tricky and time consuming. Like design, it's a skilled process requiring a lot of planning. It’s worth the investment to get the results you want.

What does a copywriter do?

A professional copywriter knows what your customers want to read, but generally writes in a style that isn’t that fancy or complex. Why? Because you want to punch the message home quickly, and get your customers to take action. Anything else is a distraction.


How much does copywriting cost?

Each project is unique. So when we’ve discussed the job Red Ruby will send you a quote. The fee will be on a per-project basis, or a day rate. It includes two initial drafts for your revisions, and a third and final version. 

Any additional work required will be quoted as a new job, at the hourly rate. Read my terms and conditions for more information.













Sounds great. But where do we start?

For copywriting jobs, here’s what usually happens:

  1. After you’ve agreed a fee and accepted my terms and conditions, you’ll need to complete a briefing form providing key information that underpins the project.

  2. For writing new copy, the fee includes one draft with two rounds of changes. See my terms and conditions for more information.

  3. I'll ask more questions to make sure we’ve covered all the important points.

  4. I'll create the first draft for your feedback. This repeats until a third and final version is produced.

  5. You sign off the copy and I'll send over an invoice.


We're a busy business, who should oversee the project?

I can work with managing directors, marketing professionals and consultants. However, it's essential that before we begin, you have a solid idea of what you need to achieve with the copy. Otherwise there could be long delays during the project, as you try to figure this out internally.

I’ve already drafted copy. Can you still work with it?

Sure. When I’ve agreed a deadline and fee, send over your bullet points or your draft copy and we’ll add that special sparkle.

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