I’m a trained journalist offering services including 

communications consulting, campaign PR, content

writing, award applications, and more, for experts

and brands in the wellbeing and ethical space.

The world needs your expertise now more than ever.


What does good PR do for you?


It boosts your profile, creates awareness,

establishes your brand, builds trust, and -

ultimately - makes you money.  For profit,

or for the good of society.

PR costs you a lot less than you would spend

on the average advertising campaign.

There are many PRs out there, so why choose me?


Here are just five reasons:


  • I’m a trained journalist – I know what interests the media, and what doesn’t.

  • I’ve been involved in PR for years, so I know how to position your brand to achieve maximum coverage.

  • I’ve helped boost the profiles of major names such as the British Red Cross, Comic Relief, and Warner Brothers – as well as hundreds of smaller organisations.

  • I was one of a duo who implemented a high-octane, successful political PR campaign in my region.

  • I have a book full of media contacts, and can secure coverage for you in the national and international press, magazines, trade journals, TV, radio and online.


When your business starts to hit the press, something magical happens – your profile and sales all start to rise. That’s because people trust what they see, read and hear via the media.

And trust sells.


When you choose me, you make an investment that pays for itself many, many times over.

How exactly do I work?


I research the right media for your brand, develop relationships with the journalists that matter, write and issue press releases – and follow-up on everything to ensure you get the coverage you want and need. And, when journalists come calling, I’ll coach you in the right way to talk to them.


I also offer stand-alone services, including campaign PR, content writing, award applications, and communications consulting.


Are you ready to put your brand where it counts? Call me on 07738004670 or email




Freelance PR and communications services in Suffolk.


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