PR Consultant for Small Businesses with Purpose


I’m a trained journalist and copywriter and an experienced

PR professional, offering PR consultancy, packages and

training for small businesses.

My services and support are fuelled by 25 years'

experience working on a diversity of campaigns across a

range of areas - technology, innovation, charity, the arts,

retail, and more.

What does good PR do for you?


It boosts your profile, creates awareness, establishes your 

brand, builds loyalty, and - ultimately - boosts income. 

Your audiences increasingly expect transparency; PR is a

great tool for showcasing your impact, ethical practices

and commitment to sustainability.

What's more, PR costs you a lot less than you would spend 

on the average advertising campaign, and people trust it


How can we work together?


  • PR strategy I work with you to assess your business goals, then I craft your PR objectives, strategy and tactics. I look at your areas of sensitivity and vulnerability as these can impact your success if not managed well. 

  • Coaching - Why not work with me as your coach? Whether you lack confidence, have no idea where to begin, or struggle to find a strong story angle, coaching is the perfect solution. We'll work as a team to create PR ideas for small businesses, develop a strategy, and more.

  • Media relations - I work with a network of press professionals who focus on writing press releases and securing coverage.  

  • Content writing - Writing and pitching unique articles to the press and websites is another powerful area of PR. To ensure your copy is of a fantastic standard, I commission and manage experienced copywriters, and take care of any editing before you receive content for approval.

  • Speaking spots & award opportunities - If being in the spotlight is your thing, I'll research talking and award opportunities that'll make your reputation shine, and also write your speech and award applications.

  • Courses - I develop bespoke PR training courses specifically for your business. 

Email to arrange a no-obligation chat.



PR for small businesses with purpose, Cambridge, London, Suffolk & beyond.


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