PR Coaching & Training for Small Businesses with Purpose​

"You’re now my PR person, my go-to gal. I’m not going forward within PR unless I get the green light from you or I ask you to submit on my behalf!" 

- Kate Auguste (founder of mi apparel and leading sustainable fashion campaigner)

If you want to do raise your profile and polish your reputation, but prefer a more flexible approach and avoid agency or PR consultancy fees, why not work with me as your PR coach?

I combine my skills as a trained life coach, journalist, copywriter and PR professional to create a magic mix! You'll still have excellent quality support. I'll be your guide, your wing-woman and sounding board. And I'll bring out your inner PR guru!


In fact, if you'd like a taster, why not book a free, no obligation, 15-minute call with me to go chat about your PR needs?

Choose from my coaching services, or ask me about bespoke training programmes. I also offer group training upon request.

PR Power Hour - New Year's Offer - Down to £95* from £120

For business owners doing well but who want to ramp up PR and leadership.

Turbocharge your PR strategy in one hour of working with me. I'll help you accelerate the process by assessing your plans, exploring your ideas, and providing expert feedback and recommended actions. Additional sessions can be booked to follow up when you're ready to implement the strategy. We'll begin with a questionnaire to pin point your challenges, and create a plan of action together. Additional targetted follow-up calls cost £30 for 15 minutes.

*Slots must be booked and paid for by Friday 22 January 2021, and you can schedule your session for a later date. Only 8 slots available.

Press Release Super-Shine Service - £60

For anyone new to PR and wants to make sure your copy is media-ready.

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases each day! This is why your press release needs to be written in a way that immediately gives them what they want! Send me your release, and I'll happily edit and polish it up for you. If I have any questions, I'll get in touch. This service applies to releases up to 600 words, and I aim to return the release within 5 days of you submitting the document to

Creative Coaching - 1 hour - £90

For business owners who'd like to bounce ideas around and find the ones that work.

Let's get together and whip up some fabulous ideas for your PR. From brainstorming story ideas and crafting your brand message, to talking through news angles and pitching to a key journalist, I can be your wing-woman in the creative process.

Student coaching session - 1 hour - £90

For course students only.

Coaching is by phone or Zoom. Sessions may be recorded with your permission.

After you sign up, I'll send you a few questions ahead of our session to help you get started.


Any questions? Contact me: 

PR for small businesses with purpose, Cambridge, London, Suffolk & beyond.


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