Three month small business PR coaching package + FREE self-study course


Whilst we eagerly wait for Covid to be brought under control, use this time to plan your future so you're ready to benefit from meaningful and exciting PR opportunities when the time is right. 


Work with me as your dedicated PR coach and mentor to plan your success in a world that is changing rapidly, affecting all industries and areas of life. Your PR needs to progress too, so your brand remains relevant and you lead the way in societal and environmental changes.


What's more, this year will see the media looking for content connected to events such as COP26, increase in entrepreneurs, innovation due to Covid, stories from our communities, fast-changing consumer trends, ethical investment, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Why invest in coaching?

Get the most out of working with me, by booking three months of small business PR coaching.


You'll have me as your tutor, your support, your accountability partner, and all-round wing-woman...


  • You get much more than straightforward PR coaching; I'm a trained life coach so we can also delve into anything that might be holding you back from really pushing forward with your communications work - or indeed other external-facing activity. 

  • Your business isn't just about money and impact, it's about your passion to make the world a better place. So I can work with you to find solutions that work for you and your business.

  • You'll develop key skills and learn the secrets used by the pros, to help grow your business, reach and impact - al through media coverage and other opportunities.


The package includes:

  • Fortnightly bespoke 1.5 hour coaching sessions, based on your needs and priorities.

  • Check-ins via email, text or WhatsApp between sessions.

  • Templates and other resources as required, e.g. press release and strategy document templates.

  • Specially curated media lists.

  • Support in your pitching to journalists.

  • I will also flag up arising opportunities using industry tools, and even pitch on your behalf when relevant opportunities arise, and then hand over to you.

You'll also have FREE access to my self-study Beginner's PR course for one year (worth £400).


It's ideal for:

  • Micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Individuals who want to have their voice heard.

  • Marketing professionals who want to expand their skills into media relations.

  • Businesses that can't afford to hire an expert or agency.

  • Businesses planning to relaunch or launch.

  • Businesses participating in accelerator or growth hub programmes.

You pay £3,000 in return for a dedicated, bespoke coaching and mentoring service, where you'll be my priority throughout out our three months of working together.


You'll finish with a whole set of new skills and a whole lot more confidence!


I'll also stay in touch to stay up to date with your progress. so I won't just walk away.

If you'd like to have  a chat - book a call with me here.

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