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PR Course & Training for Small Businesses with Purpose

I provide online PR training courses, as well as bespoke 1:1 and group training.


From innovation brands and social enterprises, to arts organisations and sustainability businesses, my PR training programmes are ideal for sole traders, start-ups, growing enterprises, and marketing teams.


My courses share the key skills needed to raise your profile while driving positive change and impact through PR. Plus, you'll save money by learning how to generate media coverage without paying for an agency or PR consultancy fees.

Introduction to Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs

Introduction to Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs

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Choose from four courses!

​My self-study 'DIY' course - £379 (no VAT)

  • Open for six months from your enrollment date so you can study at their own pace. This course doesn't include PR coaching but you're welcome to book sessions if you'd like extra support.

  • The fee can be paid in one go or in monthly instalments.

  • The price is less than just one day's fee of hiring an experienced PR expert, but you'll have key skills to roll out your own press campaigns!

The course is also available in separate modules - you only need to buy the module you want to focus on. 


Each of the below courses is £129 (no VAT).


That price wouldn't even cover the prices of just one press release written by an expert, but you could gain the knowhow to write your own amazing stories! 

Creating a PR strategy with kapow!

This is module one from the above course, which focuses on developing a basic but effective strategy and finding your uniqueness, which underpins all of your communications. This is great if you're serious about sustained press coverage that fuels business growth.

Researching your audience, media and journalists!

This is module two from the above course - you'll learn how to define your target audience so you'll know which media to research and, then, which journalists to contact. It's a key step in giving your story the best possible chance of coverage.

How to creating a compelling press release and pitch it to journalists

Module three of the above course, this short course teaches you how to write a newsworthy press release so journalists is more likely to read it (they receive hundreds of emails every day - yours needs to stand out).  This is fantastic for sharpening your pitching skills, which are also very important!

To find out more, head over to Elma's PR Academy, and email me with any questions:

I also create specialist bespoke PR training and workshops for companies and not-for-profit organisations. Contact me for a chat. 

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