It's all about de-mystifying PR. 

Once you start building your confidence and your relationships with the press, it'll all feel less baffling. Like learning any new skill, getting to that point takes time - and great support.

Besides my PR experience, I'm a trained coach. By fusing this expertise, I'll empower you to catapult your name into the spotlight. 

If you're ready to learn, together we'll work wonders!

  • Whatever your concerns, I'll enable you to tackle them.

  • I'll guide you to make your business PR-ready.

  • PR can get intense - I can help you manage your wellbeing with proven tactics.

  • I'll help you navigate the complex media landscape.
  • Every coaching session is unique and designed for you, and only you. 

  • Crafting a media-friendly story isn't easy - I'll show you how it's done.

  • Whether you need moral support for interviews or the ear of someone who gets it, I'll be available.

  • I'll erase your fear of talking to the media.

  • I'll get you flying solo! At first, I'll be your wing-woman, but you'll soon be in total control.

Every coaching session is unique and designed for you, and only you. 

One-to-one coaching with me:

  • Hourly rate: £60*

  • Four-hour package: £250*

*To be paid in advance.


For coaching by phone or Skype, contact me: or 07738004670.

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