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Incl comms
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Society is changing rapidly, and to engage audiences you must advance your communications skills and strategy.


Anti-racist and inclusive communications is a specialist area. I'm qualified to support your team in developing much-needed new practices, values and attitudes. 

Inclusive communications
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An intensive 90 minutes of strategic planning for your inclusive communications and engagement.

Power Hour
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I help brands avoid accidental tokenism, racism and cultural appropriation by engaging with communities on a truly authentic level.

Read more here about why inclusive engagement is so important.

Team Building Session

To remain relevant to audiences and to keep attracting the best talent, it's time to change the way you tell stories.

Working with museums, arts organisations, and employers, I research and tell stories that fully represent  our diverse society. 

Find out more here.


Diverse Storytelling
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Hire me to tell the world about your success by working with diverse influencers or securing media coverage.

PR & Influencers
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Power Hour
PR campaigns
Diverse stories
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