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Society is changing rapidly, and to engage audiences you must advance your skills and strategy.


Anti-racist and inclusive approaches to your work, be it historic research, telling diverse stories, engaging with communities or staff, or ESG communications, I'm qualified to support you in developing practices, values and attitudes. 

Elma Glasgow has brown skin and shoulder length curly hair. She wears glasses, gold loop earrings and a colourful top. Credit: John Ferguson

I have delivered talks and workshops in a range of settings - from conferences in auditoriums to an off-grid event in a Dorset field! I focus on:

  • Inclusive storytelling

  • Inclusive community engagement

  • Inclusive language

  • Anti-racist communications

  • Decolonising brands

Here's my speaker profile.

Elma (that's me) is a mixed heritage women with brown skin. She's wearing a pink blazer with lots of scattered short black lines on it, a black vest top and jeans. She wears her brown and blonde curly hair down at shoulder length and she wears glasses. She is standing smiling at the audience, with her hands genltly clasped in front of her tummy. Behind her is a large screen with a list of websites on it. To the right in a transparent lectern with microphones.

I help brands avoid accidental tokenism, racism and cultural appropriation by engaging with communities on a truly authentic level.

Read more here about why inclusive engagement is so important.

A group of young people play large wooden djembes.ming Workshop, Snape Maltings, November 2022, by Patrick Young © Britten  Pears Arts

To remain relevant to audiences and to keep attracting the best talent, it's time to change the way you tell stories.

Working with museums, arts organisations, and employers, I research and tell stories that fully represent  our diverse society. 

Inclusive Storytelling
A woman (that's me!) wears her brown and red curly hair in bunches, and has on a bright blue flowery top. She wears gold hoop earring and glasses. Her head is turn away from the camera as she points to the Tchall helmet which is a full face helmet inspired by a black panther.
Talks and workshops
Diverse stories
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