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Environmental policy


I am committed to operating my business in a way that is mindful of the environment and to taking action to keep my impact on the earth’s resources to a minimum.

  • Raise awareness of racial and environmental intersectionality, e.g. access to land and growing food, through my work.

  • When practicable, work from public spaces rather than heat my home.

  • Recycle all paper, ink cartridges and other recyclable materials.

  • Minimise the amount of paper waste I produce by only printing documents when necessary, and always using both sides of the paper, and printing on the back of one-sided sheets.

  • Use recycled paper for the printing of materials for me and my clients.

  • Minimise my use of water and energy, to reduce my carbon footprint.

  • In summer months, eat salad which is mainly grown in my garden.

  • Have video meetings or phone calls where possible, to avoid the carbon cost of travel.

  • Use train or bus where it is convenient.

  • Work with suppliers who share these values, where possible.

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