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Award-Winning Inclusive Engagement, Outreach & Storytelling

Times are changing. Fast. Marginalised communities want their voices heard. People's values are moving towards equity and inclusion. Yet traditional structures hold back the switch to new practices that reflect this changing attitude.

I help clients shift mindset and develop transformative strategies for inclusive engagement, outreach, communications, and storytelling. Focusing on anti-racism, my work is influenced by the acclaimed Power of Stories, my engagement work, and my communications expertise.  Book me to consult, run workshops and speak at events. 

3 Black Panther costumes mounted on black mannequins in Power of Stories exhibition. Credit Megan Wilson.

Power of Stories exhibition, Ipswich. Photo by Megan Wilson. 



"We’ve worked with Elma over a period of time including her brilliant facilitation of decolonisation learning hubs in 2022. She brought a sensitivity and warmth to a challenging subject. From that there was no-one else we wanted to join us as a team away day facilitator. She was super prepared, motivating and encouraging. Thanks Elma, we know we’ll work together in future!"
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