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Black hand in a fist raised in the air. Credit: oluwaseyi-johnson-unsplash

My work is my mission

We are in new times, where people's social values have noticeably shifted. If you're communicating with other people in any way - from exhibitions to ESG communications - this change is relevant to you.

I can support you in responding to this appropriately with my progressive consultancy, which is shaped by...


I influence positive change through inclusive and anti-racist storytelling strategy, which gives a voice to swathes of people who've been historically overlooked. 

From climate change to Black Lives Matter, from #MeToo to deep distrust of politics, an awareness of injustice and inequality is fast becoming mainstream. 


Traditional practices are often entrenched in old values which are increasingly being rejected by people, especially as younger people who've grown up immersed in a diversity of perspectives via the internet.


These shifts call for more sophisticated, dynamic approaches that...

  • Consider and explore multiple perspectives.

  • Hand control over to the people whose story you're telling.

  • Create space to develop new practices.

  • Ensure stories are told differently.

  • Require 'Brave Spaces' for honest conversation.

  • Demands you do deeper and be little vulnerable.

Together, we can co-create new practices - using my award-winning know-how.


Book me to consultant, run workshops and speak at events.

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