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Why you need to think and engage more inclusively.

Increasingly brands are expected to embrace people from across our wonderfully diverse society, not just by global majority people but also by younger white people who expect inclusivity as the norm.

Using my award-winning work with the nationally acclaimed Power of Stories exhibition, which featured three original costumes from Marvel Studios' Black Panther 1 blockbuster, I'll work closely with you to identify your goals, and engage with ethnically diverse communities in a way that works for everyone.

Three lead costumes from the first Black Panther movie on black mannequins stand on a low black plinth with a purple strip light around its base. In the background is artwork, photography, objects from African heritage objects. The room is lit softly lit.
National award-winning Power of Stories by Ipswich Museums and co-curated with the Black community, comic book experts and allies, 2021. By: Megan Wilson.

Too often, brands apply the same long-standing practices to work a huge range of people and communities, but as there is such a broad spectrum of varying needs among us, does this really result in genuine buy-in? ​

As a member of the Black community I've experienced tokenistic engagement efforts, which rarely achieve anything beyond box-ticking. And I always makwe a not of never to engage with that organisation or event again unless their practices improve.

The issue is that many brands have no idea of the mistakes they're making unless it is pointed out to them. But since BLM in 2020, communities are more empowered to take a stand against it. So don't be surprised if frustration is voiced on social media.

Because I know how damaging a lack of true engagement is to communities and to brands, we want to fix it.

Uniquely, I combine expertise in brand communications, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement with lived experience to create effective and honest strategies to help prevent productive and sustained engagement.

Who should be working with me?

  • Schools, colleges and universities.

  • Arts venues and brands.

  • Youth brands.

  • Tourism organisations.

  • Heritage brands.

  • Retailers.

  • Placemakers.

I can help you develop skills in...

  • Inclusive engagement practices.

  • Facilitation of workshops.

  • Audience development.

  • Inclusive communications strategies.

  • Diverse content development.

  • Sensitivity reading.


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