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Interview Tips for Classy Business Content - Part One

Don't disregard interviews as too time consuming for your marketing plan. They're worth your effort; they're a fantastic method of gathering raw content for case studies, news stories, testimonials and other business copy.

Interview know-how is an essential tool in a journalist’s kit of tricks. Whether you prefer a good grilling by Jon Snow or the comedy banter of Graham Norton, people develop their own technique, yet the basic skills are the same.

So if you are considering interviewing a local business leader, a high profile customer or long-serving staff member, take a few tips from us. We can help you transform a list of questions into a story that is personal, authentic…and legal!

The preparation

Never go into an interview without doing your background research - get to know who you are interviewing. Not only does this influence the questions you ask, but it also shows the interviewee that you know your onions and you are taking the interview seriously.

Put your interviewee at ease

When your subject is feeling relaxed, they are more likely to open up and give you a better interview. We are not talking about spilling the beans on the hottest industry gossip, but they are more likely to reveal their true personality, which you can use to give your story more depth.

Help your interviewee relax by asking about their day, or a project they are involved in. But for quality (and reputational) purposes, we strongly suggest not going into full ‘Fleet Street’ mode - although it is a more laid back approach, avoid interviewing in a bar or anywhere that is equally distracting!

Interview tips for business content

Get permission

Best practice means getting someone’s permission to use their interview and photo for any internal and external communications for the next few years. Ideally, get their signature on a form, or ask them to confirm in an email that they are okay with everything.

Want more? Read Part Two now.

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