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How to Avoid This Deadly Copywriting Mistake

Is your marketing copy failing to convert visitors or readers into sales?

You're frustrated, unsure of what's causing the issue?

It could be that you’re making one of the most common copywriting errors.

Writing for yourself rather than for the people you're selling to is so easy to do. But it's also disastrous. You simply won’t have the impact you desire, no matter how eloquent your words.

Industries and markets continue to heat up, giving us more choice than ever before. Especially on the internet, where we go to explore our options before we go ahead and buy.

The result? Your copy gets lost in a galaxy of information. That's why your marketing needs to work a lot harder than it did just a few years ago.

There's just a lot more competition, unless of course you offer something very niche.

Fear not – this problem is definitely resolvable.

See your business differently

When visitors bounce away from your website, your copy may be failing to speak to them.

The key is this: you need to make that crucial emotional connection with the people you want to engage with.

Learning how to see your service or product from a new perspective helps solve your copywriting problem, but it’s no easy task when you’re immersed in running the business.

Get to know your audience

This is when my PR experience really adds value.

I know that when you understand your audience, you’re more likely to shift magazines from newsstands, pull visitors to websites and mobilise people into action.

As a marketing expert you've seen the big brands do it for years – they know exactly who they were talking to and, therefore, what to say, how they want to say it and when.

You know that far from being a mystical art, successful marketing is all in the planning.

So, before you so much as write the first line for your copy, consider what your customers want to read - what they desire - what makes their engines rev.

I’ll post a few copywriting tips soon to steer you on the right path – or you can hire me to write the copy with clout.

Contact me at or on 07738 004670.

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