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#blackouttuesday pushed me to create a business manifesto

On Tuesday 2 June,#blackouttuesday, I created my business manifesto. It was unplanned but I also think I'd been waiting for the right moment to get it out there!

I've always been passionate about fighting racism, but in business I've had to tread very carefully. All because I'm in the minority.

But now, like many, I'm voicing my thoughts that have been locked away so as not to offend colleagues and clients (even the ones with bigoted attitudes that belong in 1975). Or to be told to "get over it".

That feeling is awful. It's a form of oppression. It's a repeated punch in the stomach.

In the meantime, I've heard awful things but kept quiet for fear of causing discomfort in the office. I'm done. I'm exhausted.

It's time to push the agenda, so society can move forward and elevate itself.

If you need guidance, ask me. If you're curious, also ask me. If you're scared, talk to me. Let's co-create a better society.

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