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Calling on my network to reject racism

I'm calling on my network to reject racism in all of its forms.

Let's be absolutely clear. If you say racist things, you are a racist. Racism is when your prejudice is based on someone's race or ethnicity.

And we've seen a high profile example of overt racism this week, with Frank Hester's vile comments dominating headlines, and subsequent PR debacle of from No. 10.

Please explain what racism is to anyone questionning why it's wrong for the Tories to accept donations from a known racist.

Also, people who want to be allies need to stand their ground and refuse to do business with known racists.

We must stand together in business and politics to help cease this very cruel behaviour.

True allyship isn't easy but it's do-able with commitment and good leadership.

As a melanated woman, this week's been exhausting, on top of every day life. When I watch/ see/hear the news, I am deeply upset.

What compounds this trauma is that I know that there are people who let racists get away with it - over and over again.

It's very important to educate yourself on what racism actually is (it's often subtle). You may be appalled, but let that fuel your commitment to fight harder.

To help you on your journey, here are some of my other articles:

If you would like support in being anti-racist in our engagement or communications work, contact me:

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