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Welcome to February

I don't know about you, but my January was hard!

It started with a horrible flu bug (I know many people who were also knocked sideways by it), and have been playing catch up ever since.

When I recovered there was an explosion of deadlines which has impacted a lot of people around me too - everyone seems intensely busy.

But to avoid burnout, I'm booking in natural therapy treatments and breaks whenever possible. But I'm enjoying the wonderful people I'm collaborating with and the ambition of each project.

Anna is a slim black woman. She wears a multicoloured dress and matching head wrap. She stands in front of an old fashioned microphone in front of a black background.
Anna Mudeka as Miriam Makeba in her show, Mama Afrika: Hope, Determination and Song. Credit: Gideon Graylyons

What's going on...

  • My work includes the C140 project - a National Lottery Heritage Fund project about the history and diversity of the Suffolk economy including the migrant economy cine the late 1880s. I'm part of the team at the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, and we're preparing some exciting content which launches in April. Watch this space!

  • I'm running a PR campaign for the Zimbabwean performer, Anna Mudeka, who is currently touring her solo show which is about the Black South African music icon and activist Miriam Makeba. I'm securing press coverage for Anna across the UK.

  • I continue to work with London Business Partnership to engage with a diversity of SME owners in London to help them access free business advice.

More projects are developing in the background, but I'm sworn to secrecy for now!

Diversity Dates

I admit that I have learned an important lesson: never work on content while suffering from a bout of illness. My last newsletter included a 2024 diversity dates calendar which I have since discovered included errors.

Proofreading and being poorly don't mix well, so apologies for my mistakes.

I've been editing, and here some February dates for you:

  • LGBT History Month

  • World Hijab Day (1st)

  • UK Race Equality Week (5-11th)

  • Lunar (Chinese) New Year (10th) 

  • Shrove Tuesday - Christian (13th)

  • World Day of Social Justice (20th)

For dates you're not familiar with, remember to research them to ensure they're being used appropriately. If you're still unsure, don't use them at all. Our language has huge creative potential so there'll always be something else you can talk about to be more inclusive.

Find out more about me:

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