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The Stone Carver Who's Sculpting Her Own Web Content

Despite being a small enterprise, Cambridge-based stone carver, Lucy Churchill, creates her own web content to attract business and showcase her brilliance.

When she first started doing this a few years ago, it meant taking on new challenges (like feeling more comfortable with showing off a bit). But Lucy didn't let that deter her from giving it a go.

Here, she shares insight into her approach, proving that being a home-based business shouldn't mean that online content isn't do-able.

In fact, technology offers sole traders like Lucy invaluable opportunities to engage with key audiences in a less formal way.

And if she can do it then bigger businesses can afford to be more creative in telling their stories.

The art of content marketing for small businesses

Lucy says:

My work as a stone carver involves hands-on tool skills, so learning to use online media to promote my work was a huge mind-shift. But a commission for a sculpture for a London junior school changed that.

The children couldn't visit my workshop, so I made regular video posts showing the progress from clay model to finished sculpture. I made these publicly available, and they proved very popular with online viewers.

At first I felt that much of online networking was egotistical hype - I felt uncomfortable about 'blowing my own trumpet' and that my work should be able to speak for itself.

Now, I think there's no point making something (other than the sheer joy of making it, of course) if no one knows about it.

Online marketing is brilliant for reaching people interested in specific topics.

By using Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and YouTube, I can show my work to people who are interested in sculpture, and let them know exactly what I can offer them.

Update: Lucy was recently selected to be part of a launch of a new app for designers and artists. Here's her talk for PechaKucha of the Day.

To find out more about creating stylish content for your business – I also work with videographers – give me a call: 07738 004670.

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