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What’s a Unique Selling Point? 4 Great USP Examples to Inspire You

Being able to communicate your unique selling point (USP) goes a long way in building lasting relationships with the press and customers. And that’s essential with more and more purpose-led brands offering similar products and services to you.

A USP is the aspect of your business, organisation, or campaign that sets you apart from your competitors and peers. In fact, I love how Greg Ciotti, writer at Convince and Convert explains the importance of a USP:

“In order to be remembered in a crowded marketplace, it helps if your business has a trait that’s worth remembering.”

By understanding your USP—what makes you memorable—you can build a PR strategy which conveys it. This helps you to shine brighter than other brands out there!

It could be the products you sell, the service you offer, your purpose, or your approach to working with clients.

4 examples to inspire your own USP

1. Toddle Born Wild

Toddle Born Wild produces and sells 100% natural, vegan, sustainable outdoor skincare products for toddlers.

Credit: Toddle Born Wild

Traditional lip balms sold online and in-store haven’t been designed for toddlers’ needs. Toddlers dribble a lot, and generic lip balms rarely stay on, exposing a little person’s lips to the sun, wind, and rain.

The company does an excellent job of filling a gap in the market, fixing a specific and targeted need, and connecting with a target audience that prioritises sustainability.

The precision of the use of the products and their ethical status is a fantastic and attractive USP.

2. XXEquals

XXEquals is the UK’s first majority female product design team who are creating products for women across the consumer, industrial and medical markets.

In an industry which is 95% male, XXEquals is a multidisciplinary team of KD experts – 75% of whom are women.

Fuelled by the growing need to design more female-centred products, and to improve the gender balance in the design industry, XXEquals is already working on projects including smart femcare solutions, sustainable period products, voice recognition software, and greater diversity.

3. Charistay

Can you travel and make a positive impact on the planet and people at the same time?

For travellers who want to minimize the negative impact they have on the communities they visit, Charistay is an excellent choice. Charistay created an online platform to facilitate booking independent, responsible hotels that are working to “provide welcoming accommodation with a minimal detrimental impact to the surrounding environment.”

Talk about a unique selling point: each hotel’s charity partner receives a portion of Charistay’s profits. The company recognised what consumers were looking for and carved a niche to serve communities and provide a space for travellers to make a positive impact simultaneously.

4. Beach Street Felixstowe

Beach Street Felixstowe is a brand new seafront development in Felixstowe created with upcycled shipping containers. It provides an exciting shopping and eating destination filled with independent boutiques and street food.

Credit: Alexander Ward

Bringing a vibrant, modern, and friendly environment, Beach Street caters to locals and tourists alike.

With everything from craft beer and smokehouse-style food to art galleries and vegan goodies, you can almost picture the clientele. Laid back, sophisticated, and everything in between.

Gather inspiration to help you understand your USP

Visit some of your favourite high-profile brand websites; whether it’s a travel company, fashion brand, high-profile wellness professional, or a tech product. What makes the brand stand out? What makes them different or special?

Jot down some notes so you have a source of inspiration to help you craft and understand your own unique selling point.

Not sure how to craft your USP? Let’s find your uniqueness together.

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