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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Hey small business owners - it’s time to celebrate!

For many, 2020 has been hard, but I've repeatedly seen a resilience shine through, among people from all walks of life. That alone calls for a celebration!

Maybe you're one of the numerous small business owners who’ve had to be innovative to pull through the chaos of Covid? If so, you’re brilliant. And, as a result, you've already inadvertently gathered amazing PR ideas for the small business press.

By taking my business online back in May, I've met new people around the planet; the ambition and sense of purpose has been incredibly empowering. The pace of change has been at a steady gallop all year! In fact, lots has happened even in the last few weeks of 2020. Here’s a look at what's been going on…

> Firstly, if you'd like to receive monthly small business PR opportunities, sign up to my newsletter! The carefully curated list of journalists' requests, awards and other opportunities are available to subscribers only.

> Special offer alert! My Power Hour coaching sessions are proving popular AND there's a new year's offer until Friday 22 January. The EARLYBIRD offer on my interactive and self-study courses are now valid until Monday 28 December. Here’s another glowing testimonial.

> Entrepreneurs are owed a round of applause for making it as finalists or included on a list of recognition. Such accolades are a powerful PR tool as they add a sparkle to your reputation and get you in front of thousands of new people with an interested in your company.

> Kat Luckock of Share Impact invited me on to her podcast to talk all things media for social enterprises - here's the episode! > My reverse advent calendar - a food box collected throughout December - will be donated to a local charity called The Basic Life Charity this week. > Also, I’ve been busy on PR campaigns for a zero waste and natural personal care and household products store. Alongside We Create Projects, I’m working with Beach Street Felixstowe, a new destination made of upcycled shipping containers. I also wrapped up press for an arts programme for Arts La’Olam, as well as PR for podcast Farmerama Radio.

Artwork by: Hannah Grace > I recently gave a PR webinar for members of Social Enterprise East of England and plan to do more classes and workshops for other organisations in 2021.

> I signed up to Henk Schepens' newsletter earlier this month - his industry insights are ideal for ethical entrepreneurs. Here's his website.

> Over the your Christmas break, check out this new podcast about dealing with overwhelm as a changemaker, by Leo de Mello - a specialist wellbeing coach - and his associates.

> In January I'll be announcing the details of a FREE webinar. Keep an eye on your inbox, my Instagram feed and Facebook page.

> I’m also working to bring you a series of live webinars featuring key journalists and a new bundle in 2021. > Finally, a BIG thank you to everyone I’ve worked with this year - clients, collaborators and suppliers! That's my end-of-year newsletter all wrapped up! Whatever you're doing this Christmas, I hope it's wonderful (even if your plans have been disrupted by Covid). If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you get to enjoy some well-earned downtime over the holidays!

Remember to sign up to my PR newsletter - the sign up form is in the header and footer!

Warmly, Elma

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