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Why sign up to my digital PR training courses? Here are just a few great reasons!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

If you're considering signing up to one of my online PR training courses, here are just some of the ways you'll benefit... New PR skills can help your business thrive & make an impact!

  • You'll learn pro-level skills that'll help you to raise your profile, establish your reputation, and create exciting income-boosting opportunities.

  • Learn to craft your uniqueness so you can better communicate your purpose and your story.

  • I share the secrets of pitching to busy journalists (without annoying them!).

  • You'll go through the steps of writing a newsworthy press release.

  • Get inside information from national journalists, bloggers and an acclaimed press photographer.

  • You'll be shown how to research your target media - incredibly important in securing good quality, sustained coverage.

Serious bang for your bucks!

  • The content is based on 25 years' of my own experience - yet the interactive course costs less than hiring me for just one day!

  • The automated, self-study course is the same price as an 800-word article written by a PR pro.

  • PAYMENT PLAN is available for the 6-week interactive course.

  • By doing your own PR, you'll save money on hiring an agency.

Accelerate your learning with PR coaching sessions!

  • When you buy a course, you'll be investing in your business' success and impact. With my live group coaching sessions on the interactive course, you'll have direct contact with me, so you can draw on my years of experience.

Any questions?

If you like, go ahead and check out my expertise on LinkedIn.

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