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How this small business owner went from no PR experience to getting into the national press

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Kate Auguste is a leading voice in sustainable fashion in the UK, she campaigns alongside running her own online fashion retail business, mi apparel.

She's also one of my students who completed my course, Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs. After absorbing all of the content and working with me as her coach, Kate has generated national and trade press coverage for not one story, but for two!

A couple of months after the course - she waited for the right time (an important PR tactic) - Kate came back to me and asked me to write a press release as the messaging was unusually complicated.

Photo of Kate Auguste, founder of mi apparel and campaigner
Kate Auguste, founder of mi apparel and campaigner

Of course, I was very happy to help - with her input, I wrote a release, which included the messaging Kate needed. But it was Kate who did the hard work of pitching the story to lots of journalists, using skills learned on my course.

Her hard work paid off almost instantly - she won coverage for mi apparel and a Christmas campaign she's involved with, #ShopEthicalInstead, in national consumer, industry and ethical press. I have a feeling there'll be more results to come! Take a look:

Kate kindly recorded a video for me, saying very nice things about my course and coaching!

If you want to become your own PR guru too, take a look at my online PR training courses. They will take your confidence and brand to new heights!

If the course descriptions don't answer all of your questions, please email me:

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