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What can brands to do be anti-racist + more inclusive.

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Young Black guy sits at at a desk talking to two to people
Brands can have a huge influence on creating more inclusivity and fighting racism. Source: Wix media.

Brands can be more inclusive by taking proactive steps to address racism within their organisation and in their interactions with the public.

Here are a few ways you can get started…

1. Review D&I practices: Brands can begin by acknowledging and addressing any past or current diversity and inclusion practices inside the organisation, including hiring practices, marketing strategies, and product development.

2. Promote EDI: Brands can take steps to ensure diversity and inclusion are woven into their company culture. This can include recruitment practices that promote diversity, creating an inclusive workplace, and ensuring diversity in marketing and event strategies.

3. Educate employees and customers: Brands can offer training and educational content to their staff - and customers - on topics such as systemic racism, unconscious bias, and cultural sensitivity.

4. Support social justice movements: Brands can use their platform and resources to support anti-racist organisations and initiatives, both within their industry and in their local communities.

5. Hold themselves accountable: Brands can regularly assess their progress in addressing racism internally and hold themselves accountable for making ongoing improvements.

Ultimately, being anti-racist requires ongoing commitment and action – this is a long-term but positive behaviour change.

As powerful voices, brands must be willing to take the lead in creating ways of operating which can indeed help bring about more equity to support the sustainability and health of society.

For guidance and support, why not book a Power Hour with me?

Want to sponsor a youth action event? Check out Aspire Black Suffolk - a Black-led community interest company, which I founded.

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