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Join my FREE live webinar for PR for small businesses

My new webinar for small business PR is taking place on Tuesday 9 February, 6pm-7pm GMT.

I will take you through the steps of writing a powerful email pitch to journalists. It will reveal the process, which requires a combination of creativity and strategy, and offer tips that are used daily by PR professionals.

The live webinar will be 45-minutes long with 15 minutes for Q&As from participants. So make a few notes before you log on and feel free to quiz me.

Please note: This webinar will be recorded for future subscribers - none of the participants will be visible on screen.

What the live PR webinar will cover

  • What is a press pitch?

  • Why do you need to send a pitch?

  • Ways to pitch to the print, digital and broadcast press.

  • Why planning your pitch is important.

  • How to craft your pitch if you 're sending a press release.

  • How to craft your pitch without a press release.

  • What other content to include in the pitch email.

  • Timing your pitch.

Who should join the webinar

  • Business owners who are driven by a passion of building a more sustainable world, and who...

  • have never done PR before,

  • may have had a little media coverage on an ad hoc basis

  • want to refine their pitching skills if they already do PR to secure better quality press coverage

  • Marketing professionals and employees who want to develop PR skills.

Your webinar host will be me, Elma Glasgow - a PR consultant and trainer - who's worked with a diversity of industries and sectors to secure coverage in local, national and international media. She's also a course leader and offers one-to-one coaching sessions to power-up businesses' PR, in particular those in the sustainability and social impact sectors.

Sign up for the live webinar here >>>

If you'd like to send me an example of a pitch to me after the webinar for feedback, please order my Press Release Super Shine Service.

Instagram: @pr_for_wellness_ethical_brands

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