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Small business? No problem. You CAN do PR!

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

If you're new to public relations (PR), I don't blame you for feeling utterly baffled! Unlike social media, customer newsletters and podcasts, PR isn't a well-used marketing tool for micro and small businesses.

I understand why - it's because it's costly and requires you hunting down the ideal PR agency for your business. Not an easy task.

However, things are changing!

Entrepreneurs are making use of free or affordable digital tools to unlock what used to be inaccessible skills and services - accounting, graphic design, publishing and even broadcasting.

Now, PR is entering that space with online PR coaches and courses popping up here, there and everywhere!

So, if you thought PR was only for the rich and famous, think again!

You can supercharge your business by learning how to be your own publicist.

Rocket illustrating supercharging your business growth with PR
Supercharge your business growth with PR

What is PR exactly?

  • Diverse and powerful area of marketing.

  • Helps you to nurture your reputation among people that matter, e.g. your customers.

  • Delivered through stories that are taken from different angles.

  • People trust brands in the media - an emotional bond between you and your audiences.

  • PR covers a range of activities: media relations, events, sponsorship, speaker slots, internal communications, marketing communications, social media, blogs, guest articles, and more.

What's media relations?

My work mainly focuses on media relations, or securing coverage for clients to help them manage their reputation and to boost income or donations.

It's not as easy as you'd think. Not if it's done well!

I work with journalists to get my clients into local, regional, national and international press, including...

  • Print newspapers and magazines: trade, consumer, journals

  • Digital: websites, podcasts, social media, blogs, newsletters

  • Broadcast: TV, radio

  • Events: Talks, workshops, sponsorship

Creativity is essential

To create content that's media-friendly,, you can use a whole range of tactics. Using all these techniques help you provide the media with a variety of stories, instead of the same old dry business news. Here are some ideas to ignite your creative spark!

Are you up for an exciting new challenge?

This is a just a taster of what's involved in getting into the pages of a magazine.

If you're feeling as if this could work for you, sign up for my free PR guides.

Or if you're super-keen, sign up to my course - Beginner's PR for Ethical Entrepreneurs!

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